Wardrobe Essentials


I’m all about buying basics and versatile pieces because a good base is crucial to creating a stylish, well-rounded closet. When you have a wardrobe full of neutral items, you can easily mix and match them to create a fresh look. Plus you can update your classic outfits by adding one trend or a new accessory. These are a few pieces that I wear over and over again.


Must-Have Basics:

White V-neck T-shirt

Dark Skinny Jeans

Black Tote



Nude Flats

Nude Heels

Cognac Boots


Chambray Shirt

Striped Shirt

Utility-Style Jacket

Ivory Sweater

  • Jordyn Brown

    I just added a chambray top to my wardrobe and I’m so excited to wear it this Fall!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  • Jasmine

    I love seeing what’s in people’s wardrobe essentials. I share a lot of the same ones you have: skinny jeans, a parka, and striped tops. Those are constantly on rotation for me.

    be the plebeian

    • Me too! It’s amazing how versatile striped tops can be! Even when mixing them with other patterns

  • I so shop on this way. You can’t beat versatility, it will take your wardrobe so far. Although if I really love a funky piece I will for sure buy it. Great choices!


    • Thanks, Tania! That’s what’s great about having good basics, you can easily mix in a trendy piece :)

  • I love all the picks, and I love nude for this time of the year!


  • I’ve been turning to basics lately too as a way to reinterpret the pieces in my wardrobe and find new ways to style them. Sometimes the best fashion is something you already have with a simple classic silhouette.

    xx Yasmin


    • I completely agree! I’ve been trying to spend less money on clothes, so being able to mix and match the pieces I already have is key.

  • kali kingsley

    Omg I literally have this same post in my drafts for this week!!! Maybe I’ll push it haha. How crazy.

    • haha no worries you can still post it, I don’t care :) I’m excited to see what your must-haves are.

  • These are essential items! I love a well-fitted blazer, riding boots, and dark skinny jeans. With just a few staple pieces, you can have countless outfits.


    • Exactly! It’s perfect for the minimalist style that is popular right now, too.