My Top 10 Purchases of 2017

This week I’ll be wrapping up 2017 on the blog! I won’t be posting the week after Christmas, but I’ll be back on January 2 with all-new content! You can keep up with my on Instagram in the meantime. To wrap up the year I thought it would be fun to share my best purchases of 2017. Clearly our house was my FAVORITE buy this year, but I’ve also found some other items that I use on a regular basis and would buy over and over again! From accessories and clothes to home decor and electronics, here are 10 items that I’m beyond happy with!


Kendra Scott Earrings

These rose gold drop earrings are perfect for everyday wear! I’m not much of a jewelry person, but earrings can add a lot to an outfit. This pair is very versatile and they don’t make my ears itch, which is a plus! I’m allergic to nickel and even earrings that say nickel-free still sometimes irritate my skin. I’m tempted to buy the silver, gold or gunmetal pair, too!

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Cruiser Bike

Rob and I both bought cruiser bikes when we moved to Florida. Our friends had some and it was so fun to ride them to dinner or the beach since everything is really close. It’s a great way to get some fresh air and exercise. We found a beach that is about a 7 minute bike ride from our house, so we put on our backpack chairs, load up the baskets and spend a weekend afternoon there during the summer.

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Silk Pillowcase

This silk pillowcase has been a great purchase! Well actually it was a gift, but still I can’t live without it. I even bring it when I travel because it’s great for your hair and skin. It comes in 10 colors so you’ll be able to find one to match your bedroom decor. The pink stands out against our white sheets, but it was too cute to pass up :) I think this pillowcase is definitely worth the investment!

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Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II

I’ve asked a few of my favorite bloggers what they use to shoot photos and vlogs with while traveling and a few suggested the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II. It’s compact but takes great pictures and video. I’ve been really impressed by the photo quality and the size is perfect!

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BLANKNYC Suede Moto Jacket

This suede moto jacket has been a blogger favorite for years! It sold out quickly during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but it’s back in stock! There are a variety of colors, including the gorgeous coral shade that I have. It’s a classic piece that will be in style for years to come, plus it can be worn year-round with a variety of outfits. I’m really impressed by the quality and comfort so far! It’s definitely worth the splurge ($198) and you can sometimes find it on sale via the BLANKNYC website (although Nordstrom would probably price match their sales). It fits true to size, so I got my usual small.

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St. Tropez Self Tanner

Before going to a bachelorette party in Palm Springs this year I wanted to find a self tanner to add some natural-looking color. This St. Tropez self tan express had great reviews, so I decided to give it a try. It’s really easy to apply and I didn’t have any issues with streaks or uneven color. Plus it looks very natural, even one someone with really pale skin like myself. I usually apply it the day before we leave for vacation and it lasts for at least 5 days before fading.

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3 lb. Weights

I know three pounds sounds lame, but when you do the right exercises with them they can feel really heavy! I’ve been working out from home lately so I either watch some YouTube videos or repeat some of the exercise moves I learned in a pilates class back in Vegas. It’s a convenient workout and I feel like they have helped tone my arms. I bought this set from Target and they weren’t too expensive. It pays to be weak because the heavier they get the more expensive they are ;)

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Stance No-Show Socks

It took me quite a few tries to find a pair of socks that doesn’t fall off. I first heard about Stance socks because my dad loves them, so when I saw that they were part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale I figured I’d give them a try! The cute and sticky part on the heel are perfect since they keep them from sliding down your heel. I wear them with these booties, workout shoes and my Adidas sneakers.

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Nike Running Shoes

I had been needing new running shoes for a while, but it’s so hard to find the perfect pair. I ordered this pair online because they had good reviews and the white/rose gold combo is so cute. Luckily they fit true to size and are super comfortable! They are nice and lightweight—perfect for running and at-home workouts.

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Wine Glasses

I had been eyeing these pink wine glasses from Anthropologie for quite some time, so when I saw them on sale (with an additional 30% off!) I had to scoop them up. The blush color is beautiful and the gilded rim adds an elegant touch. I bought two red wine glasses, which are HUGE, and two stemless wine glasses. Even Rob liked them and suggested I go back and buy two more of the stemmed wineglasses so that we would have a set of four. Luckily there were still a few in stock :)

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What were your best purchases of 2017?