How To Spring Clean Your Blog

When it comes to blogging there’s a lot to keep up with: social media, daily posts, emails, etc. It’s easy to forget about the things that remain constant on your site, like your “about” page, side bar widgets and profile pictures. However, it’s important to take a time out and refresh every so often. Last week I spent a couple of hours doing these tedious tasks. Although it isn’t as fun as putting together outfits or creating a new recipe, it is definitely necessary! I felt very organized and accomplished after crossing these items off of my to-do list. Hopefully my fellow bloggers will find these points useful as well!


Make sure your “About” page is up to date. It’s important to have a page that introduces yourself and your brand. This is your chance to show your personality (keep it fun, it’s not a résumé!) and describe the topics your site covers. It should also include a hi-res photo of you that is pretty recent.

Pick a seasonal profile picture for social media accounts. If you’re sporting a fur vest or chunky scarf in your profile photo it will look a little out of place among the spring and summer fashion posts. Try to find a photo that was taken recently where you are wearing an everyday outfit and is appropriate for the season. Make sure to use the same image for all accounts so that it’s recognizable to your readers from one platform to the next. This consistency will help build your brand and your following.

Clean up your side bar. With so many widgets available, your side bar can easily become overwhelming to readers. Pick and choose which ones are the most beneficial. Badges and ads can also clutter up your site. There are a lot of networks and affiliate programs that require you to install a clickable image on your homepage, but try to keep these to a minimum.

Update static images. Similar to your social media accounts, it’s necessarily to keep photos on your site up to date and seasonal. For example, I have images on my side bar and contact page that are easy to forget about since I’m more focused on creating new content. However, these images are often times the first things that brands see when they want to reach out about collaborating, so make sure they are giving a great impression!

Update or delete plugins. I’m guilty of ignoring notifications saying I need to update plugins. However it’s important to have the most recent version in order to keep your site running as smoothly as possible. Take the time to update the plugins you still use and delete the ones you don’t.  It’s also a good idea to search for new plugins that could be helpful.

Back up your blog. I’m horrible at backing up my blog, photos, phone, etc. I know one day this is going to come back and bite me. I recently found a plugin called UpdraftPlus that makes this really easy, so my goal is to do it ever couple of weeks. I’d be so sad if I lost 4 years worth of blog posts!

Check links. Go through some of your most popular posts and make sure the links still work. If it’s a product, check that it’s still available and, if not, find a similar product to link.

How do you “Spring Clean” your blog?