Spring Accessories To Elevate Any Outfit

I’ll be the first to admit that accessorizing is not my strong suit. You’ll typically see me with stud earrings (if any…) and my one and only watch. I’m trying to get better at this though because accessories can really take an outfit to the next level. Lately silk scarves have been my favorite way to tie together an outfit (ha, no pun intended). I got this one from Madewell and I love how easy the delicate fabric is to style. The first bandana I bought a few months ago was so stiff that it was difficult to tie and felt uncomfortable on. With this one I hardly notice I’m wearing it. Spending a little more for the silk style is definitely worth it! Hats are another accessory that I’m slowly getting into. I love how they look on other people, then I feel like they look weird when I put them on. However I did find this baseball cap that I love and this straw fedora, which is perfect for summer. I want to find a big floppy beach hat, too, and the one below is definitely a contender. To shop my favorite accessories just click on the item for more details!