My Smooth Skin Must-Haves


Everyone’s a fan of the good hair day, but I personally love a good skin day even more. Although I enjoy trying new products, there are certain skin care items that I use religiously. Living in a dry climate like Las Vegas can be hard on your skin. I was worried about moving here from Seattle because my skin typically gets irritated on sunny, hot vacations. However, I have found that my skin is much better here! My eczema cleared up and now I get a substantial amount of Vitamin D. Everyone’s skin type is different, but these are some products that keep my normal to dry skin feeling nice and smooth!


CeraVe lotion for normal to dry skin & skin renewing night cream
As soon as I get out of the shower in the morning I slather this lotion all over my body, including my face. It’s moisturizing but also light enough that it doesn’t feel sticky or greasy. Before I go to bed I like to use the skin renewing night cream, which restores the skin barrier while you sleep and leaves my skin looking refreshed in the morning. It’s heavier than the normal lotion, so definitely something you want to wear at night rather than layer under your makeup.


bareMinerals original powder foundation in Fairly Medium
Once my moisturizer has had time to completely soak in and dry, I use a powder brush to apply this loose foundation all over my face. On days when I want more coverage I’ll use this Maybelline liquid foundation, but I prefer the almost nonexistent feeling of the powder. Plus it lets my skin breathe and doesn’t clog my pores.

Neutrogena eye makeup remover
I start my nightly skin care routine by removing my eye makeup with this oil-free remover and a round cotton pad. It gets my black mascara and waterproof eyeliner off really well.


Cetaphil cleanser
I’ve been using this every since I started washing my face in those awkward pre-teen years. Luckily I never experienced acne, so this was always strong enough and I still swear by it. It’s gentle and leaves my skin feeling clean without being dried out or irritated.


St. Ives apricot scrub
I try to exfoliate my face once a week to get a deep cleanse and buff away dry skin. These 1 oz bottles are perfect for traveling, but I also have the larger size for full-body use in the shower. It’s amazing how much softer my skin feels after using it!


Thayers alcohol-free rose petal witch hazel toner 
If I have heavier foundation on, I use a toner after washing my face to make sure I remove every last bit. I had read good things about facial toners, so I wanted to give one a try and when I looked on Amazon I was blown away by these reviews—and the price! I really like how it helps clear up my skin and leaves it feeling fresh.


Dead Sea minerals facial anti-stress mask
There’s something about a facial mask that is so relaxing and it’s a simple way to pamper yourself at home. I’m still a newbie to these products, but I tried this nutrient-rich option and it left my skin feeling refreshed and smooth.


I’ve also heard great things about Rodan + Fields, so I’m excited to give some of their products a try like the Micro-Dermabrasion PasteREDEFINE Night Renewing Serum and Lip Renewing Serum. You can check out more of their products here or email Katy, one of their consultants, at to get more information (and a discount for Treats and Trends readers!).

A few other things to keep in mind throughout the day:

Drink a lot of water! I can definitely tell by looking at my skin if I’ve had enough H2O. It’s important to moisturize from the inside out. I keep a large tumbler at my desk that I refill a few times throughout the day. These S’ip by S’well steel water bottles are also great for toting around since it will keep your water nice and cold. Having caffeine-free tea or hot lemon water instead of coffee helps, too.

Eat healthy. Easier said that done, right? Staying away from sugar is a biggie.

Avoid touching your face. I tend to rest me chin in my hand or rub my eyes, which spreads germs and pore-clogging dirt. Lately I’ve been really mindful of this and I’ve noticed fewer breakouts.

Sleep. Getting enough rest is key! You don’t want dark circles or bags under those eyes.

What are your tips or favorite products for smooth skin?

  • I’ve struggled over the years with my skin. So a good skincare routine is critical. That mask sounds amazing. My skin does well with those, so I’m going to give that one a try. For smooth skin, I only use a couple of good products, drink lots of water, and always remove my makeup before bed.