Road Trips From Las Vegas


Overall I enjoy living in Vegas, but every now and then I need a break from the brown desert and tourist-driven Strip. Having grown up in Washington, I miss experiencing all of the seasons and being surrounded by trees and water. Rob and I love taking road trips to the mountains for a taste of winter and also escaping our sizzling summers by driving to the beach. We are lucky that Vegas is only a few hours away from so many amazing destinations. Whether you feel like hiking, sightseeing or eating, these are a few of the trips I would recommend.


Big Bear Lake – 3 hours, 47 minutes.
This is a great place if you want to slow down and enjoy good company. Most of the accommodations are individual cabins rather than multi-story hotels. We stayed at Noon Lodge, which was so cute and cozy! During the day we explored the village, had lunch at 572 Social and a beer at Big Bear Lake Brewery. I also recommend Teddy Bear Restaurant for brunch—my cinnamon roll French toast was delicious! We also drove around the lake, which doesn’t take very long, and offers gorgeous views. 


Zion National Park – 2 hours, 49 minutes
Rob is definitely the outdoorsier one in our relationship. Hiking has never been a passion of mine, but I always enjoy it once we’re there. I was a little nervous about hiking Angel’s Landing since it has such a steep incline, but it was very rewarding once we reached the top! We hope to visit again and try more of the trails!


Antelope Canyon – 4 hours, 47 minutes
Words can’t describe how incredible this slot canyon is. The colors and formations here are unreal! We took a wonderful guided tour and took so many fun photos. I want to go back now that I have a better camera! They also offer photography tours, which would be really cool to try.


Horseshoe Bend – 5 hours, 1 minute
Just a short drive from Antelope Canyon is Horseshoe bend, which is a gorgeous portion of the Colorado River. It’s so cool to see the steep cliff and gorgeous water. There’s a small hike from the parking lot, but it’s not strenuous and definitely worth the view!


LA – 4 hours, 31 minutes
I would love to live in LA—it’s such an exciting, trendy city. We fit a lot into our one-night trip: exploring the Rose Bowl Flea Marketing, shopping at The Grove, walking along the Santa Monica Pier, visiting the LACMA and of course eating (full list here). There are so many more places I want to visit, so we will definitely need to make another trip!


San Diego – 5 hours, 16 minutes
If you want a beach escape, San Diego is the place to go! We attended a beautiful waterfront wedding there one summer. During out trip we enjoyed kayaking to the La Jolla caves, sunbathing in front of Hotel del Coronado, cheering on the Padres and exploring Balboa Park. When it comes to food and drinks, we enjoyed the Gaslamp Quarter, which has a lot of trendy bars and restaurants (more favorite eats are listed here and this post has our complete to-do list).


Mammoth – 5 hours, 25 minutes
We have driven to Mammoth twice since living in Vegas, both times during the winter. The first year we stayed for a night and had a fun time exploring the village and skiing. Then the next year we rented a cabin with some friends over Super Bowl weekend, which was a blast except for the Seahawks losing :( You can see my full Mammoth travel guide here. Definitely check out the brewery!

  • This is a great list! You have so many great places near you to explore! I live in Southern California, so I’ve visited most of these places as well. I would argue with the fact that San Diego is the place to go for beaches though! I think they’re just ok as far as how beautiful they are. La Jolla is beautiful of course, but other than that I would say go north! To Laguna Beach, Dana Point, and Newport Beach. Thanks for sharing! :)

  • You have so many great places outside of the city! What I wouldn’t do to go and visit the rose bowl!


  • Tara Williams

    there are ALOT of great places to visit from vegas! those pictures look incredible- you have a good eye for photography. i live in the bay area so we are blessed to have great destinations like that too. i should start putting my trips together and work on a post like this. thanks for the inspiration!

    Xo, Tara

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    Lovely post! Looks like lovely places to visit!

  • These trips sound absolutely amazing! You are so adventurous + inspiring :)


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    Your photos are amazing and your blog and s great love this!

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    This all looks fantastic! I have to make this trip!

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    Wow how cool that you live in Vegas.I would also love to live in LA.Gosh everything there always seems so beautiful.I love road trips too.Such a great post

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  • Such beautiful photography!

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    Gorgeous shots and a wonderful roundup! I lived in LA for about 4 years and absolutely loved it! Big Bear Lake was one of my favorite roadtrips! Dying to see Antelope Canyon in person! Enjoy your weekend lady!

  • There really is so many wonderful road trips to take from Vegas. I drove to Zion National Park last summer when I was in Vegas and it was a lot of fun there! Would love to visit Horseshoe Bend someday :)

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    These road trips sound amazing! Would love to explore each of these destinations!

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    Such stunning locations!! Lucky you, getting to visit all of them!

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  • I’ve been wanting to visit Antelope valley, it looks gorgeous!

  • *Deepest sigh ever* These are all so BEAUTIFUL xx I’m more than slightly jealous of your great location xx

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    My husband and I love to take road trips, unfortunately we don’t live anywhere near these places. I would love to go to Antelope Canyon!
    xo, Lily

    • It’s really pretty! If you’re ever in the area is definitely worth checking out :)

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    I have to say, Zion National Park is one of my favorite places in that area! It’s just so gorgeous (and if your in that area, you might as well stop at Bryce Canyon too!)

    Mary Kate

    • Yes I definitely want to check that out! There are many more Utah trips I want to make :)

  • I would love to live in LA, too! But Antelope Canyon and Horsehoe Bend look like spectacular destinations. I would take tons of photos!

    • I want to go back since I wasn’t as in to photography back then. It’s absolutely beautiful!!

  • I just love road trips!!! Looks like you had an awesome time

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  • It’s so nice to be so close to many beautiful places, and the road trips are so pretty on the west coat. I would like to visit Big Bear Lake! Where in WA did you live? I’m usually in Spokane!


    • Oh very cool! I grew up in Mill Creek (a little north of Seattle) and then went to UW so lived in the U-district. I went to Spokane for Hoopfest one summer, which was really fun!

  • Antelope canyon looks amazing! Thanks for sharing because I’ve just added to my travel list! You have some really interesting places here I’d love to check out.