Palm Print

I was born and raised in Washington, so traveling to somewhere with palm trees was the epitome of a vacation. We would take family trips to southern California or Arizona about once a year and it felt like I was in a whole different world! Now I’m used to them since they grow everywhere here in Vegas, but they still scream summertime to me (it’s hard to get into the Christmas spirit with this warm-climate plant growing in your yard). Palm trees have also been taking over the fashion industry lately since there are quite a few products that feature this popular print. Not all palm print pieces are the typical green shade (although that’s cute, too!). The black and white dress, which I’ll admit is a  major splurge, is a chic way of wearing this trend. I also love the green and pink dress for summer. It would look really cute with some simple cognac-colored sandals. And don’t forget about home décor! This throw pillow would add a great pop of color to a neutral couch and bedspread. Just click each image and it’ll take you right to the website for each palm print piece :) hope everyone is having a great summer so far!

What are your favorite palm print styles?