Our Proposal Story


Since it has been exactly one year since Rob proposed, I thought it would be fun to celebrate by sharing the story. When I moved to Las Vegas with him two years ago, we had talked about how it was a serious step and that we would eventually get married. I knew a proposal was imminent and we had looked at rings, but I wasn’t expecting it when he actually got down on one knee.

My parents were in town that weekend and I was planning to spend Sunday with my mom while my dad was at his conference for work. However, my mom was tired and wanted to relax in their hotel room and I wanted to go home and change before dinner. This was the first wrench that I threw into his plan.

As we were driving back down to the Strip to meet my parents for dinner, Rob said he needed to stop at the Venetian to pick up some chocolates that he ordered for his mom’s birthday. I thought it was weird that he didn’t just have them sent directly to her since she lives in Wyoming, but whatever, I went along with it. He suggested I just stay in the car since he’d be really fast. First of all, walking through a giant casino to get to the store is never fast. Second of all, it was 100 degrees outside. No thanks. That was wrench #2.

I went in with him since I also wanted to check out the new Carlo’s Bakery. However, the line was really long, so I turned back to meet him at Godiva. Wrench #3. Just as I came into the store, the sales person was about to show him the chocolates and he would put the ring in the box. Obviously he didn’t get the chance to do that. Luckily I didn’t ask to see what he ordered! I just made a joke about testing them to make sure they were good enough for his mom.

We pulled up to the Bellagio and Rob said he was going to bring the chocolates inside so that they wouldn’t melt. Seemed reasonable to me. When we walked in the hotel he wanted to stop at the bathroom. I offered to hold the bag, but he said he would carry it. Again, I don’t know why I wasn’t more suspicious.

We had been hanging out with my parents in their room for a little while when he asked if I wanted to try one of the chocolates. I said I was just kidding, I didn’t want to eat his mom’s present. But he insisted and who am I to say no to chocolate? I was sitting on the bed and he opened the box of chocolates, then got down on one knee. The truffles spelled out “Will You Marry Me” with a ring in the empty holder. I was so stunned that it took me a second to say yes! I obviously did and put the ring on right away. It was such a surreal moment and it didn’t hit me for a while that we were actually engaged! Obviously I took a million photos before eating the chocolates. I thought about saving them and having them on our anniversary, but who really wants old chocolates? We ate them the next week and they were delicious. I am beyond excited to marry my best friend in three months :)


  • Sooooo sweet!!

    xo Annie

  • Shelby

    That’s adorable, and the ring is incredible! My husband also flies in the AF, and is in vegas a lot! Happy to have discovered your blog, and excited to check back for some Vegas spots before I visit him there in July. Congrats on your upcoming wedding!!

    • Aw thank you, Shelby! How fun! Well if you need any suggestions let me know :) you’ll have perfect pool weather in July!

  • aw this is soo sweet and romantic!!

    M Loves M

    • Thanks, Mara! I wouldn’t change a thing :)

      PS I love your blog, thanks so much for checking out mine!