Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Items You Can Wear Right Now

Today is the day! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is officially open to everyone! I bought a few things last week that I’ve already been wearing, like these jeans and this lace top. They look so cute together and were perfect for an evening out in Seattle. Even though there are a ton of cute sweaters and jackets on sale, I have forced myself to stay away from them since I won’t need them living in Florida. Instead I’ve been eyeing all of the dresses, rompers and shoes that can be worn year-round. A lot of these pieces can be worn during the summer, but also layered in the winter if you’re lucky enough to have seasons. This sale is perfect for stocking up on basics and versatile pieces. The Madewell tote pictured below will go with almost any outfit and is perfect for a variety of occasions (comes in 4 colors and is $70 off!). I’m also tempted to pull the trigger on the leopard mules because they are so cute and could be dressed up or down (under $60 and all sizes were just restocked!). Below are some more items that could be worn right now or a few months down the road. Just click the item to shop!

P.S. The Top 10 Trends at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and more of my picks