Nine to Five Fashion

Getting out of bed in the morning is tough enough, yet alone putting together a fashion-forward outfit before your first cup of coffee. It’s easy to get into a style rut and toss on the first semi-comfortable, yet acceptable ensemble you see in your closet as you’re rushing to get ready for work. I have definitely fallen victim to this more times than not, but I’m getting a lot better at experimenting with my wardrobe to create looks that are both playful and professional. I’ve learned that business attire doesn’t have to be boring; it’s all about letting your personal style shine through.


Working in a corporate environment has shaped my weekly wardrobe, but I still try to incorporate fun fashions. I have several go-to pieces, such as my skinny black pants, a variety of blazers and several pencil skirts, but I like mixing pretty patterns and bright colors with these basics. It’s nice to have pieces that are versatile, especially in Las Vegas where it’s 115 degrees outside and 70 inside of the office. I like that this sleeveless dress from H&M  is conservative enough to wear by itself, but can also be layered with a blazer. The leather detail on this classic black blazer adds a trendy touch to a simple silhouette. A sparkly statement necklace is the perfect finishing touch for a polished, professional look.


Although dress codes can be a little limiting (aka no jeans, my wardrobe staple) there are plenty of pieces that fit within these restrictions that are still stylish. This bright magenta hue livens up the three-inch wide straps and knee-length hemline of this feminine frock. The happy color instantly adds a little cheer to a day at the cubicle. Overall, it’s fun to work within the boundaries to create outfits that are true to your personal style, yet also appropriate attire. You just have to get creative and not be afraid to stand out a little bit (in a good way!).


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