New Year’s Style Resolutions

With a new year comes the chance for a new beginning and I’m always ready for a fresh start after the holidays. In addition to the typical resolutions of eating healthy and working out, I also want to set some style goals for 2015. I’ve grown up a lot in the past couple of years and I think my wardrobe is beginning to reflect that. I want to continue developing my personal style and a well-rounded closet, so hopefully these five style resolutions will keep me on track. 


{1} Treat every day like the runway. I have a fear of wasting a cute outfit on an insignificant day, so some of my cutest clothes sit in my closet unworn. As I get ready in the morning for a typical day of work or running errands, I put together a stylish outfit in my head, but then decide it’s not worth having to hand wash that cute chiffon top (or worse, pay for dry cleaning!). I’d rather save it for a special event! However, these special events don’t happen very often. I’ve decided to treat every day as a runway and wear a stylish, accessorized outfit every day, even if I’m only going to be sitting in my cubicle at the office.

{2} Shop smart. Not only does this include shopping sales, but it also means looking for items that I don’t already own. I’m always drawn to striped sweaters and chambray shirts when I’m out shopping, but I need to keep my eyes open for items that aren’t already hanging in my closet. To keep myself focused on finding fresh, versatile items, I’ve decided to keep a list on my phone of pieces that I keep pinning or seeing in fashion magazines that would be good additions to my closet.

{3} Build a versatile, professional wardrobe. Now that it has been almost three years since I graduated from college, it’s time that I retire a good portion of my wardrobe. I want to build a sophisticated closet with pieces that can be worn for both work and play.

{4} Think outside of the box. So many of my favorite Pinterest outfits are combinations that I never would have put together, like a striped sweater with a floral skirt. My goal this year is to look at the pieces I already own with a fresh perspective and pair them in unexpected, yet complementary ways.

{5} Clean out and organize my fashion finds. It’s about time for another closet cleanse. If a piece of clothing didn’t leave the closet in 2014 it’s time to say goodbye. I like looking at my closet and only seeing the clothes that I enjoy wearing, without the clutter of unwanted items.

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