Monday Motivation

Happy Monday! This isn’t exactly my favorite day of the week, so to spread some motivation and positivity I wanted to share some inspirational quotes from my Pinterest board. I especially love the one that says, “passion is energy” because I find this to be very true. After a 40 hour work week, running errands and completing other items on my to-do list, I still make time for the things I love (like blogging and baking). The joy I get from trying a new recipe, putting together a fun outfit or making a successful DIY project keeps me going even when I’m exhausted. I think it’s important to find that passion in life and stick with it! Hope everyone has a great week :)






  • Marie Huang

    I love inspirational quotes! There is one for every mood! Thanks for sharing :)

    Progression By Design

  • Thank you for sharing Jamie! I love starting off my Monday with a burst of inspiration. Sometimes I don’t realize how much I need it until I sit down after a long day and reflect!


    • Glad you enjoyed it, Hannah! Hope you had a happy Monday :) thanks for reading!