Minnesota is one place that I never thought I would visit. I don’t have any family in the area and when it comes to vacations, I prefer something tropical or a ski resort. However, I am so glad that we went there for our friends’ wedding this weekend because it was beautiful! It boasted lush, green trees, several rivers/lakes and a fun downtown area. Our first day was spent at the Mall of America and then the rehearsal dinner, which was held at our hotel.


Saturday was consumed by the wedding and reception, which were both amazing! Rob said that if we were on Four Weddings, he would give this wedding the full points (gotta love a guy that watches TLC shows with you!). The food was unreal—crab claws, crab cakes, shrimp, the most tender steak I’ve had in a long time and beautiful buttercream cake. Not to mention the candy bar for favors and the late night snacks, which was basically another meal.





On our final day in town we explored the rest of the Twin Cities. Our first stop was the Cathedral of St. Paull, which was beautiful. We went on a Sunday morning so we were lucky enough to witness a little bit of the mass. It took me back to my Catholic high school days! The architecture was also very impressive.



Next up was Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis. We strolled the street lined with shops and restaurants, but a lot of things were closed being Sunday. For lunch we went to Matt’s Bar to indulge in a Jucy Lucy. This area is known for these hamburgers that are stuffed with cheese—amazing! This restaurant in particular has received a lot of awards and press for the Minnesota staple, including Travel Channel’s Food Wars and Man Vs. Food, Food Network Magazine, etc. Sorry there isn’t a photo of it. I ate it too fast :)





For only being there three days, we were able to fit a lot in! There were a few more things I would like to try, mainly restaurants. They are known for Scandinavian cuisine, so I wanted to try some lefse or krumkake, since those are a few things that my Norwegian grandma makes. I’ve also heard that Spoon and Stable is amazing. Until next time, Minnesota!