Men’s Wedding Fashion


Here is something I have never done before: a men’s fashion post!

After the wedding ceremony we attended this weekend, we had a couple of hours before the reception started, so we explored the quaint town of Savage, Minnesota. My favorite find was a cute restaurant/bakery/coffee shop called Flavor at the Depot. The locally-owned eatery was in an adorable red building with eclectic décor and sold a variety of baked goods that made my mouth water (like the lemon and raspberry white chocolate scones!). It was the perfect backdrop for an outfit photo, but since I had already done a post about the dress I wore, I thought it would be fun to take some photos of Rob since he was looking so good all dressed up :)


Since Rob is a pilot, he just wears his flight suit to work every day and rarely gets the chance to don “civilian clothing” as he calls it. However, before he went on an assignment in Washington DC, we needed to find him some business attire since it would be a desk job. I am not a men’s fashion expert by any means, but we had fun looking at the various shirts and ties. It’s funny how girls have such a wide variety of clothing styles to choose from, but guys just have slight variations of collared shirts, slacks, jackets, ties and shoes.


The wedding we attended was at a Catholic church and the reception was at a beautiful country club, so formal attire was appropriate. My favorite pieces of this look are the cognac shoes and maroon tie. Rob bought these shoes for our wedding while Allen Edmonds was having a tent sale, so he got a great deal on them. They are also sold at Nordstrom and are part of the Anniversary Sale, which is happening right now (in case you’ve been living under a rock)! The plaid shirt and grey suit tie it all together. I think he was looking quite dapper ;) Plus, he was a great sport being the model instead of the photographer for once. I think he probably preferred it because he could just sit there.