How To Make Time For Blogging

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With Labor Day behind us it seems like everyone is getting back into the school and work routine. Some people may dread the summer fun coming to an end, but I’m feeling refreshed and ready to conquer some goals that have been sitting on my to-do list for far too long. Towards the end of summer I was getting a little burned out on blogging, especially coming up with new post ideas and shooting outfits while sweating in 110-degree weather. However the new season has me inspired to up my blogging game when it comes to both content and strategy. Why wait until January 1 for a clean slate and much-needed motivation? With a full-time job and a husband who I want to spend quality time with, it’s hard to find enough hours in the day for Treats and Trends. However, it’s something I’m really passionate about so my goal for the fall is to make time for tasks that I find most important for blog growth (Instagram, Pinterest, consistent posting schedule, etc.). Here are some of my tip for managing your time when it comes to blogging or other creative projects. 

Create a schedule and stick to it. When you block off time for certain tasks, your to-do list is much more manageable. Some days will obviously vary, but for the most part I have a routine to make sure I accomplish as much as possible. This is what my typical day/week looks like:

  • AM: As much as I hate getting out of bed in the morning, once I’m up I’m pretty awake and productive. Instead of hitting snooze three more times, my goal is to get up on the first alarm (okay maybe the second, let’s be real…) and spend at least 30 minutes reading/commenting on other blogs while I eat breakfast. I love to stock up on Kellogg’s® Special K® Fruit & Yogurt Cereal when I’m at Smith’s on the weekends. It’s a quick, yummy breakfast that I sometimes have as a post-dinner snack/dessert, too!
  • Lunch Break: I typically have an hour lunch break, so I’m able to spend some time responding to social media comments and liking/commenting on other people’s posts. Sometimes I’ll bring my laptop to work and edit photos on my break, too. I try to be productive rather than just wonder around the mall that’s nearby (although I  do that more often than I should…). 
  • PM: In the evening I work on posts and any other maintence my site needs, usually while watching TV with my husband. I also use this time to respond to emails and try to fit in a workout as well. 
  • Weekends: Saturday and Sunday are the only days I’m able to take photos, so I usually shoot a few outfits and recipes. I also want to get better about scheduling social media posts for the week. I plan to sit down every Sunday and create posts in bulk rather than worrying about them throughout the week.


Don’t spread yourself too thin. Pick a few things that you want to focus on or areas where you want to improve. For me, this is growing my Instagram following, becoming more active on Pinterest (by pinning my own content) and creating/scheduling posts in advance. As much as I would also love to grow my Twitter, hunt for PR contacts, email tons of pitches and watch endless YouTube videos about photography, I try to prioritize what is the most important. Although all of these things (and then some!) are necessary to have a successful blog, setting specific goals that will really help you grow is key.


Plan ahead. To alleviate some stress, take photos, write your posts and schedule them in advance. I’ve been in a bad habit of putting posts together the day before I publish them, which leaves zero room if something else comes up, like a fun social event or some errands I need to run. Life doesn’t always go as planned (shocking, right?), so having the ability to be flexible is necessary. I try to create an editorial calendar two months in advance in order to visualize what I have coming up (sponsored posts, holidays, sales, etc.). This way I’m not scrambling for a post idea the night before. 


Take some time for yourself and step away from social media/your computer. Taking some “me” time away from blogging and life’s never ending to-do list will help keep you from getting burned out. I love going to yoga classes because it refreshes my mind and body. Since I get too lazy if I stop at home first, I usually pack a Special K Nourish bar (chocolate and almond flavor is my favorite!) to fuel up and go to the class straight from work. Some people say they are so busy that they forget to eat, but no matter how hectic my schedule is I never skip a meal or snack or unnecessary dessert… if I’m hangry nothing will get done. Having an energizing, on-the-go snack is a must. Also, if you’re a red velvet fan (who isn’t?) the Special K Pastry Crisps are delicious and only 100 calories! 



What are your tips for making time for your blog or other projects? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments! Also, make sure to check out the sweepstakes below and “Nourish What’s Next” with these Special K products. 

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  • Cristi Motto Comes

    Creating that schedule is so important and planning in advance for sure. Blog posts just aren’t the same when done at the last minute, at least for me! {client}

  • These are great tips! My day is structured a lot like yours (actually, I am commenting on blogs now while I eat my Special K Cinnamon Pecan cereal). Planning content in advance is something I am working on getting better at, too. I do my best work under pressure, but it would be nice to have everything set and ready to go some nights rather than scrambling to come up with a blog topic. I have to try those red Velvet snacks you mentioned. They sound delicious!

    • Haha that flavor sounds delicious, too! I agree, sometimes you do need that pressure for motivation. I try to have the bulk of my post done and then put the final touches on the night before.