How To Use

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that a lot of my outfit photos include the option to shop those pieces via Since I’ve had a couple questions about what that is, I wanted to share a little overview of how it works, for the the blogger and their Instagram followers. Even before I used it for Treats and Trends, I signed up for this program years ago to get shopping info from my favorite bloggers. At first I was a little unsure about it since, let’s be real, we all get plenty of promotional emails in our inbox. However, there are different settings, so I only get one email each week with all of the photos I liked inside of it. You can also set it so that you get emails instantly after each photo you like, which can be beneficial if there’s a flash sale or an item is selling out quickly.


Here’s how it works:

{ 1 } Sign up for
{ 2 } Like enabled images on Instagram
{ 3 } Receive an email with links to the items


 { 2 } Type the case-sensitive link into your browser — see image below
(or just click it if it’s shared on Facebook, twitter, etc.)
{ 3 } Click the shop-able images on their website.


Simple as that! I also like the related hashtags like #LTKSaleAlert and #LTKunder50 or #LTKunder 100 (because who wants to fall in love with an item only to find out it’s waaaay above their price range?! Not me.)

In addition to it being an easy, one-stop-shop way of sharing outfit details, bloggers (like myself) also use it because they make commission off of the items you purchase. So overall it’s a win-win because it’s a simple way to shop your favorite blogger’s looks, and those purchases allow the bloggers to continue posting new outfits—new clothes don’t grow on trees! I don’t exactly have free Chloé bags landing on my doorstep just yet ;)

Instagram isn’t the only way to see my favorite fashion finds. I also share items that catch my eye on my Shop pages and the “Latest Finds” section on my sidebar, which are always being updated. When the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale rolls around (early access begins July 14, not that I’m counting down the days…) I’ll be sharing my must-have picks here, so stay tuned! For now, here are some of my most recent shop-able Instagrams: