How To Host a Winning Game Night

When it comes to social gatherings, I prefer low-key activities with a small group of close friends rather than a crazy night out at a club surrounded by tons of noise and crowds (it’s the introvert in me). This is why I LOVE staying in and hosting game nights. On Friday night we had a few friends over, served snacks and drinks and played Cards Against Humanity for hours. It was the perfect way to start the weekend! These are five of my tips for hosting a winning game night.

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{1} Keep the invite list small. I have found that four to six guests is perfect.

{2} Pick games that your guests will enjoy. If you have a friend that gets offended easily, Cards Against Humanity is probably not the best game to play. If you have a friend that’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, skip the complicated board game with the never-ending list of rules. Another option is to BYOG, where you have guests bring their own favorite games. This way you have a variety to choose from.

{3} Set up your space. Clear off your dining room table or coffee table and make sure you have enough chairs for everyone. To create a fun, casual ambiance, have some music playing in the background. We typically find a TV station that plays ’80s hits or a mix that everyone will enjoy. It’s also nice to keep a bottle opener, napkins and coasters close by.

{4} Serve hassle-free appetizers. Keep it simple (and stress-free) with snacks that are easy to make and pass around. No need to cook an entire hot meal—think finger foods. Remember, presentation is key and small details go a long way! Instead of serving salsa or hummus in the plastic container, pour it into a nice glass bowl. Also, it’s nice to have at least one sweet, such as homemade cookies (or maybe that’s just me since I have a major sweet tooth!).

{5} Have a variety of drinks. You don’t need to spend a fortune on alcohol, but it’s nice to have wine, beer and a hard alcohol, like vodka, that can be used for a variety of simple cocktails. Some non-alcoholic mixers and options are good to have on hand, too. I served homemade lemonade last summer and it went even faster than the beers.


  • I love game nights with friends! Such a low-key and good time.

    All the Cute

    • I definitely agree! I’m kind of a homebody so I like hosting and not having to go anywhere :)

      • Looking forward to my own home (possibly next year!) when I can officially be the hostess, too!! :)

  • If a friend is so easily offended by Cards Against Humanity, they need a laugh. Haha. That’s such a fun game to play.

    :] // ▲ ▲

    • Haha no kidding! It’s hilarious, and I’m thinking about getting some expansion packs since we’ve played with the original deck so many times now.