My Favorite Fringe Accessories, Clothes and Home Decor

There are so many fun trends that I want to feature right now, so I decided to create a new series that will focus on one trend each week. For my first installment of Tuesday Trends, I’m sharing my favorite fringe finds! When it comes to this style less is more. Whether it’s on the hem of a skirt, dangling from a purse or adorning a cozy scarf, fringe gives off the ’70s and Southwestern vibe that’s popular right now. It doesn’t stop at fashion—there are also some fun home decor pieces that embrace this look.


Shop these fringe finds:

{1} Fringe Skirt
{2} Throw Pillow
{3} Necklace
{4} Blush Crossbody Bag
{5} Earrings
{6} Layered Crossbody Bag
{7} Poncho
{8} Booties
{9} Scarf