Friday Five

Once again my favorite day of the week has arrived! We have zero plans for the next couple days and I am more than okay with that since last weekend was pretty busy. On Friday we had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Honey Salt, to celebrate our first wedding anniversary! This year seriously flew by.  Then on Saturday we went to a housewarming pool party where we had some delicious barbecue! After that we went four wheeling with our friends just outside of Vegas. I had never been before and was a little nervous since I’m not very outdoorsy, but it was a lot of fun! We saw wild horses, a huge herd of elk and tons of jackrabbits. After riding around for a while we roasted s’mores by a campfire and looked for shooting stars. It was a great break from the city! Hope you all have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by Treats and Trends!


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Date night outfit to celebrate our first wedding anniversary!

sunrise coffee

Lunch break at Sunrise Coffee.


Four wheeling just outside of Vegas. It was 30 degrees cooler by the mountain, which felt amazing!


Throwback wedding photo. You can see them all in this post.