Friday Five

This year was my first Veterans Day as an official military spouse. It really got me thinking about how proud I am of Rob and my friends and family who have served our country. I never envisioned being where I am today (living in Las Vegas and married to an Air Force pilot), but I couldn’t be happier. I got a little preview of the military life from my sister and brother-in-law when he was in the Marines. They lived in 29 Palms, California and he would deploy to Afghanistan for 8 months at a time. I admire how strong she was and she will never let me forget that I once said I could never marry someone in the military; I didn’t think I was strong enough for that lifestyle. I didn’t want to move from Seattle, first of all, and I wouldn’t want to spend almost a year away from each other. But look at me now! It’s been a great adventure and I have learned so much about myself. I’m so thankful to be part of this amazing community and to have met so many great people along the way.


{Hope everyone had a happy Veterans Day!}


{I went to a cute coffee spot called Sunrise Coffee on my lunch break the other day. This wrap and Nutella latte were very tasty!}


{Cute décor and coffee bags at Sunrise Coffee}


{I want everything at Target right now. Their copper and marble selection is on point.}


{I’m still obsessed with stripes. Love this dress from H&M.}

  • All of that Target stuff is so cute! I’m definitely going to be cashing in some coupons I have to stock up on it :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  • I want to thank Rob, your brother-in-law, and all of the men and women who serve this country. I think it’s great that you shed some light on what it’s like to be a military spouse, too! Love your round-up this week. I was drooling over that Nutella latte on Instagram and that H&M dress is perfection.

    Hope you have a happy Friday and a great weekend!

    • Aw you’re so sweet Vanessa, thank you! Have a wonderful weekend :)