Friday Five

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a great week! I plan on spending the next couple of days baking and watching football. Pumpkin season is in full force now that the PSL has arrived at Starbucks, so it’s about time I make my mom’s pumpkin bread! I’ll be sharing the recipe and how I wrapped it up for gifts in a couple weeks.

Also, I’m finally going to learn this whole Snapchat thing that everyone is obsessed with, so follow me at treatsandtrends for a behind the scenes look at the blog/my life :)


{So many pumpkin goodies at Cost Plus!}


{Sushi date. Kona Grill has a great happy hour!}


{That rare time our bed is made and throw pillows are on top of it instead of in a pile on the floor}


{Taking advantage of the cooler weather—anything under 100 feels awesome!}


{We saw this show at the Wynn last week and thought it was really good! I’m not a huge musical fan, but there were some really fun songs/dances.}