Friday Five

Today’s the big day! We’ve had an amazing week leading up to our wedding and I’m looking forward to celebrating our marriage with friends and family! We’ve been waiting for more than a year for this day to arrive and it finally felt real at our rehearsal on Wednesday. Out of town guests have arrived, crafts are finally finished and plenty of booze has been purchased! Many wedding posts to follow!


{Me and my M.O.H.}


{A thank you for my co-workers who threw me a surprise bridal shower at the office.}


{We made it! I figured crossing into Washington was the perfect time to wear my home T.}


{Delicious dinner at Serious Pie.}


{Seattle date night. I LOVE forehead kisses!}

  • Woo hoo, I hope you had the most amazing wedding! I’m sure it was incredibly beautiful and special :) xxx.