Friday Five

I hope this next week flies by because on Thursday I leave for Seattle! It’s going to be a very hectic, yet fun trip. In addition to finalizing wedding plans, I’m also having my bridal shower and bachelorette party! I am so excited to see my family and have a night out with my girlfriends. Moving away from my childhood friends and sorority sisters was (and still is!) really difficult, but at least it makes me appreciate our friendship even more! I can’t wait to celebrate this exciting time in my life with all of them :)

beets{I picked fresh beets last weekend at Gilcrease Orchard, then made a delicious salad. This weekend I’m going to try another galette recipe with the leftovers!}

LA-casual-outit{Casual look while exploring LA. Can’t go wrong with classic Converse!}

hexx{Tasty lunch at Hexx. The baked cheese with fig jam was so good! We also had the espresso torte, which was very tasty.}

seattle{A picture I took of Seattle from Kerry Park a few years ago. Can’t wait to be back this weekend!}

sushi{After a long work day, Rob had sushi and beer waiting for me.}


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