Friday Five

Happy first Friday of February! Even though it’s still the dead of winter for some areas of the country, we are experiencing 75-degree weather here in Las Vegas. I was hoping that our trip to Mammoth last weekend would bring me back to reality and remind me that we are still far from spring, but that was not the case. It was sunny and there wasn’t any snow on the ground at the base of the mountain. We had a great time though and I wanted to share a few more photos from our trip in this week’s Friday Five. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

deer-rose-boutique{The cute décor at Deer Rose Boutique in Mammoth. Check out my Mammoth travel guide for some more fun stops!}

{Part of my Seahawks spread that I made for our Super Bowl party. It was a fun time even though they lost.}

{Another pic from our Mammoth trip. I was surprised that it was warm enough for my favorite winter look—skirt, boots, leggings and sweater.}

{Last Mammoth pic, I promise! It was just so green and pretty.}

{If you’re in Vegas I highly suggest you try Yardbird at the Venetian. I love their rustic chic décor.}

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