Friday Five: Seattle

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a fun and safe night ringing in 2015. I spent the holidays with my family in Washington and had an amazing time. It was hard to say goodbye, but I was excited to return to Vegas¬†because my fianc√© comes home today! He has been in Washington DC for work since November, so we weren’t able to be together over the holidays. Before he left we had a mini Christmas and NYE where I made Champagne cocktails and played a YouTube video of the 2014 countdown on the Las Vegas Strip, so we did get our New Year’s kiss at “Midnight.”

IMG_7752{We rang in the New Year with the entire family at my cousin’s wedding in LaConner.}

IMG_7399{Someone really liked his antler that grandma put in his stocking.}

IMG_7555{I loved walking around Fremont and seeing our old college hangouts.}

IMG_7651{Getting my Frost doughnut fix before New Year’s resolutions kick in.}

IMG_7453{Visiting my old college campus on a sunny Seattle day.}

IMG_7570{And a bonus photo since I can’t get enough of this beautiful city!}

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