Friday Five

I’m always thankful for my health, but it took the flu to remind me that I am SO SO SO thankful for it! After a long weekend in Washington, I flew home to Vegas with the flu (literally, it was the worst flight of my life). Even with the not-so-fun ending, it was a great Thanksgiving weekend filled with football, food and family. It finally felt like the holiday season with snow on the ground, decorations at my childhood home and being surrounded by family.

IMG_5471{Shopping in Snohomish with my mom. We found some pretty wedding decorations at the antique stores.}

{A gorgeous sunny day after a weekend of rain and snow.}

starbucks{This is how I spent every morning: peppermint mocha in hand, relaxing on the couch with my parents and pups.}

christmas-decorations{I love coming home to my mom’s festive holiday decor. It was fun to be there while they put up the tree, lights and garlands.}

holiday-tights{The best part of the trip was surprising my sister. She had no idea I was coming, so when I walked up with my parents to dinner she was shocked! I made her model her cute fringe boots and holiday-print legging, they’re just so perfect for this time of year!}

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving and a festive start to the holiday season!

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