The Final Test Before “I Do”

Wedding season may be winding down, but our nuptial preparation is starting to pick up. I have come to realize that wedding planning is the final test of your relationship before you say “I Do.” In this hectic stage, you learn a lot about how you communicate and work as a team. You may find that you agree on many aspects, but there will inevitably be plans that will require a compromise. Although we are only four months in and have 11 more to go, I’ve learned quite a few things about the process in general and our own relationship.

IMG_6272Several aspects have effortlessly fallen into place, such as our venue. The first place we looked at was a cute farm that I had seen online and I instantly fell in love with it. The locations we checked out after it didn’t even compare. The venue had a list of suggested vendors, so we tried the caterer and cupcake shop, which were both delicious. Check, check and check. I thought the photographer would be hard to find, but we went to our friends’ wedding and loved their photos, so they introduced us and now that’s all set! The challenging parts as of now are finding a space for the rehearsal dinner, finalizing the guest list (keeping it small is hard!) and finding an officiant. Working together to plan these details and figuring out how to compromise has really strengthened our relationship.

IMG_6568What I have learned about our relationship:

  • We both have the same taste when it comes to cupcakes (obviously the most important quality of any relationship).
  • We work well as a team and have delegated tasks evenly, such as booking the photographer or caterer.
  • Money will probably be one of our biggest challenges in marriage since Rob is a saver and I can be a spender (although I am getting much better!).

wedding cakeA few tips:

  • Remember that the purpose of your wedding is to celebrate your love for one another with your friends and family. It’s easy to get caught up in the details, but ultimately you won’t remember what glasses your drinks were served in or if you had the perfect number of candles.
  • Talk about money expectations before you’re too far into the process. Our first step was to lay out a budget, which has kept us from spending frivolously. However, make sure it is a realistic budget because things will be more expensive than you would think.
  • Book the big things first (venue, caterer, photographer, etc.) and let the rest fall into place. Once the important things are taken care of, you won’t need to stress about them and can enjoy planning the little details (hello, Pinterest crafts!).


  • Great suggestions :) It’s such an exciting time, I think it’s easy to let things overwhelm you, but you seem to be handling it all with ease. I will look to you for inspiration haha.