Fair Play

One of my favorite end-of-summer traditions is taking an evening trip to the state fair. With the wafting smell of fresh scones, the sounds of people screaming on the rides in the background and the bright lights illuminating the late summer sky, it’s a small town experience that you don’t often find in the city. The fun-filled atmosphere and country feel make it the perfect way to celebrate the end of the season.

Ferriswheel.JPGWhile we were visiting Washington over Labor Day Weekend, we had a double date night at the Evergreen State Fair with my sister and brother-in-law. The main reason was because Chris Young (one of our favorite country singers!) was performing, but I would have gone regardless just to experience the festive environment and indulge in the mouth-watering fair food.

Fair.JPGThe four of us ate several scones, an elephant ear, jumbo corn dog (my must have!), BBQ burger and Skagit strawberry ice cream from the local Lopez Island Creamery. Needless to say, we were a little full.

Fair.JPGMaybe one of the reasons I love the fair so much is because I have fond memories from my childhood of going there with my family every summer. Back then, we mainly cared about the prizes. My dad has a problem of not being able to say no to his girls and I remember asking him to play one of those impossible games to win me the giant Tweety Bird stuffed animal, since that was my nickname growing up. He did after numerous tries and now that I’m old enough to know what a rip off those games are, I’m sorry, Dad :)

Deer.JPGA new addition to the fair this year was the petting zoo. After seeing this baby deer and Marshmallow, the baby goat pictured below, I officially want to live on a farm… as long as there is a Target and Nordstrom within 20 miles. So, that may or may not work out ;)