DIY Tulle Skirt


This year for Halloween I dressed up as a ballerina, mainly because it was an excuse to get a tulle skirt! I’ve always loved the look of these feminine skirts, especially when paired with edgier pieces like a leather moto jacket or graphic tee. Plus they are so festive for the upcoming holidays. Since a lot of the ones I found were $50 or more, I decided to make my own. I used this tutorial and all you need is tulle, lining fabric, elastic for the waistband and your sewing tools (pins, scissors, measuring tape, sewing machine, marking chalk). It ended up costing around $25, which is much more reasonable and I got to make sure that it was the exact size/color/style that I wanted. To get the ballerina look, I paired it with a black crop top, lace-up flats and a sock bun. We had a fun Halloween on the Strip where my friend rented a suite at Planet Hollywood and hosted a festive party complete with caramel apple cocktails—yum!