DIY Gold Dipped Flower Pots

Since we’ve been using a lot of recipes lately that call for various herbs, Rob and I decided to grow a little indoor garden of our own. Of course I took this as an opportunity to get crafty and add some one-of-a-kind decor to our house. The end result: gold dipped flower pots that look lovely on our white windowsill.

DIY gold dipped flower pots To make them yourself, you will need:

DIYflowerpot.JPGHow to:

  1. Use a damp washcloth to remove any dirt or dust that may be on the pots. Once dry, spray an even layer of the white primer and paint. Add additional coats until completely covered. Set aside to dry completely.
  2. When the paint has dried, use painters tape to mark where the gold dipped bottom will end. I placed it about two inches from the bottom. To seal the tape, coat the area with one more layer of white spray paint and let dry.
  3. Paint the exposed area gold, letting it dry in between coats and continuing until thoroughly covered. Let dry, then remove tape. To protect the paint, spray the pots with a clear acrylic sealer.

DIY Gold Dipped Flower Pot Herb Garden Now plant away! We planted cilantro, basil and mint seeds in each pot. So far, so good! Even if they don’t blossom into the perfect plants, at least they will look pretty!

DOY herb garden


  • I love this idea. I have some cyclamen seedlings that I will need to re-pot soon, I think I might borrow it :)