What I Would Tell My College Self


With September coming to an end, my alma mater (University of Washington) is beginning classes, kicking off football and has already finished sorority recruitment. The beginning of fall quarter was always my favorite time of year because there was so much to look forward to: new classes, being back with all of my friends, going to Husky games and much more. Although I only graduated from college three years ago, there are already some things I’ve learned in hindsight. I got a lot out of my college experience (life-long friends, fun memories, good grades, jobs and internships to add to my resumé), but there are a few things I wish I could tell my college self.


  • Get involved on campus. I felt like my classes, internships, part-time job and sorority were enough of a time commitment, so I didn’t join any extra clubs. Maybe this was partly because I’m so introverted, too, (okay, largely!) but I think it would have been helpful to network more in the field that I’m interested in or write for the school newspaper.
  • Study abroad. I never even considered studying abroad because the thought of leaving home and being overseas for a few months freaked me out. I’ve become a lot more adventurous since then, primarily because of my husband. Looking back I wish I had taken advantage of this opportunity to explore Europe and other countries that are so rich in history.
  • Start your blog! I started Treats and Trends the summer after I graduated, but I wish I had created it earlier. If I had been in the DZ house while writing it, I never would run out of outfits and would always have someone around to take photos. Plus Seattle would be such a fun city to blog about on a daily basis!
  • Don’t be such a picky eater. This seems trivial, but I missed out on SO MUCH good seafood while living in Seattle. My dad’s allergic to it, so my mom never cooked it and there’s never a “good time” to try it and have my throat possibly swell up. I finally gave it a shot with Rob and now I’m kicking myself for all of the fresh fish I could have enjoyed. Although on a college budget, that might not have been much haha.

What advice would you give your college self?

  • Kelly

    Literally exactly my thoughts…minus the blog ;) I’ll leave that to you! Love the pics!

  • Haha, aww, what a great post! I’m currently in college, though, so I’ll treat this as an advice post .I’ve got the blog down and studying abroad in the works. Now to stop being such a picky eater.

    Ha! Have a lovely week, Jamie!

    May | THE MAYDEN

  • Totally love & relate to this post. I would also tell myself to get more involved on campus. I wish I had done that. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

    • Same here, meeting people is so important! Glad you liked the post :)

  • Aubrey

    Love the advice :)

    xxx. The Coastal Confidence


  • Such good advice! I have a list I would give myself too:)

    Wishes & Reality

  • This is such a great topic! I graduated from college six years ago and I always come across things I wish I knew back when I was still in school. I would have told myself to double major, join activities on campus (I was a transfer student), find time for internships, and make as many connections as I could along the way!


    • Those are some good ideas, too! So glad you enjoyed the post, Vanessa! :)