5 Best Coffee Shops in Las Vegas

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I’m a Seattle girl at heart, so it’s not surprising that I love coffee. Although I don’t drink it very often (it makes me too jittery), I really enjoy the atmosphere of coffee shops and every once in a while I’ll treat myself to a decaf drink. When I lived in Seattle I took it for granted that there were cute coffee shops on almost every corner. We never had a shortage of places to study during my college days at UW! While Las Vegas has plenty of options for caffeine, mainly Starbucks and Coffee Bean, there aren’t as many unique, cozy places to get your fix. Over the past few years though I’ve discovered a handful of spots that have a lot of character and drinks that live up to my Seattle standards. They are all very Instagram-worthy, too ;)

Sunrise Coffee. With its eclectic, neighborhood feel this coffee shop is the perfect spot for a relaxing lunch break. It’s not too far from our office, so I love sipping on a coffee and trying their food items (many of which are vegan and gluten free). I had their organic PB&J with banana last time I was there and it was delicious! Their lattes are also amazing and they have a large selection of unique flavors—Nutella, s’mores, Mexican mocha, butterbeer, truffle berry and more. The prices are really reasonable, too. Cheaper and better than Starbucks, in my opinion.


Makers & Finders. The modern, stylish coffeehouse is great for a weekend brunch and then strolling through the antique stores on the same street. I met another Las Vegas blogger (Stephie from The Raw Edit) here for coffee one morning and had a great time chatting over their delicious drinks. I had the honey vanilla latte, which was really tasty. I also brought my parents here when they were visiting a couple weeks ago and we had a delicious lunch! The menu has a selection of Latin comfort foods and I really liked the empanadas!

Mothership Coffee Roasters. This locally owned coffee roastery and farm-to-table bakery is a must see! I love the atmosphere and modern decor, especially the white subway tiles with dark wood/navy blue wall. It reminds me of a trendy coffee shop you’d find in LA. The lavender latte was really good, but I’ve also heard the nitro cold brews are amazing!

Bad Owl Coffee. Harry Potter fans will not want to miss this one! The magical decor makes you feel like you’re taking a study break at Hogwarts. Everything from the writing on the tabletops to the platform 9 3/4 wall decoration is fit for a wizard. I tried the ButterBrew Latte which was so creamy and delicious! The pastries and waffles also sound amazing.

Coffee Hunter. This industrial-chic setting is perfect for getting some work done while satisfying your sweet tooth. You won’t be able to say no to the popular pastries, like cronuts and macarons. I basically combined dessert and caffeine into one delicious item with the salted caramel affogato waffle shot—it’s as good as it is cute. They serve Portland-based Stumptown Coffee so it was nice to have a little taste of my Pacific Northwest home. Plus the staff is really friendly. The woman in front of me ordered her “usual” and the barista was very welcoming, even to someone who had to stare at the menu for a while to decide what to order (ahem, me). It’s hard to decide what would taste goo and be photo worthy!


Honorable mentions (some I’ve tried, some I’ve just heard good things about):

What’s your favorite coffee shop in Las Vegas?? Leave me a comment, I’d love to try others!