Behind the Scenes: Boutiqueaholics

If there is someone who loves boutiques as much as I do, it’s Leah Stanton. She owns and operates Boutiqueaholics inside Downtown Las Vegas’ Container Park. The “boutique within a boutique” started as a website where women could find the best boutiques the world has to offer. Just over a year ago, the Yelp of boutiques became an actual store boasting a variety of trendy clothes and accessories. I love her unique, creative concept and find it inspiring that she grew her website into a full-blown store.



What inspired you to create Boutiqueaholics?
I’ve always loved fashion and being creative. My undergrad degree is in public relations, but after college I ended up going the business development route. I started two years ago mainly as a hobby since my first love has always been creative writing. It started out as a review site for clothing boutiques around the nation and world. Females could come to the site and discover some of the best and most affordable boutiques out there. A year later the site ended up turning into an actual location where I showcase and sell about five different boutiques’ clothing. I learned a little bit about the process of opening a boutique by learning from my friends who own Lili Boutique since they had opened their boutique a few months before me.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration?
Fashion to me is a feeling. I get inspired by how it makes me feel. If I feel good about myself wearing something it inspires me.


What are your favorite trends for fall?
Every season can be characterized by their patterns just like the scent and feeling you get from the season. This fall I’m excited that fair isle and plaid prints are back. I can already start feeling the crisp fall air and the smell of pumpkin spice lattes when I look at these prints. Fur jackets are also back and this a great way to look luxurious for less – with fake fur of course.

What are your favorite transitional pieces since it’s still pretty warm in Vegas?
Pants! With 100 degree weather still in September, by October you can start wearing pants again. I love patterned pants. Flower prints will also still be in for fall. Checkout Boutiqueaholics’ selection of patterned pants from Growze Los Angeles.


What is your go-to accessory to spice up an outfit?
Big, chunky necklaces or necklaces with embellishments.

What do you enjoy about shopping at a boutique rather than a larger chain or department store?
You don’t have to worry about a million other people having the same outfit on as you. The clothes are always more unique and shopping is more of an experience rather than a chore.


What is it like having your store in a container? 
The clothes and accessories in Boutiqueaholics are unique, so having a unique space as well fits the concept.

What advice do you have for someone that wants to start their own business or open a boutique?
You have to be passionate about it or it won’t work. You also have to be prepared to put a lot of work into it especially at the beginning when you are getting it off the ground.

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