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I’ve shared a few beauty posts in the past (like these must-haves and some seasonal finds), but I want to start sharing a few items each month that make a prominent appearance in my makeup, skin or hair care routine. There are so many products out there and I rely on reviews from other bloggers or the product’s website to gage whether or not I want to give it a try. Hopefully you’ll find these helpful, too! I would love to hear about your favorite products, so let me know in the comments :)


When it comes to foundation I usually stick with my bareMinerals powder, but this winter I wanted to try a moisturizing one with more coverage and color. A friend suggested this Maybelline Fit Me Dewy + Smooth Foundation, which I found at Target for only $6! I wear the classic ivory, which blends well with my pale skin. It creates an even skin tone and gives me a nice glow. I usually top it off with some powder since I prefer a more matte look rather than too shiny/dewy.


Deep conditioners are a must, especially when you live in the desert! I’ve tried a few and always come back to this Neutrogena Deep Recovery Hair Mask, which is under $10. My hair is so smooth, untangled and moisturized after using it. Having used it once a week for over a year my hair has become much healthier.


I love trying new mascaras because they are all so different, especially the size and shape of the wand. I really like that this bareMinerals Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara gives you volume without being clumpy or spidery. The spiral brush curves perfectly around your lashes to get an even coating.

What are some products you can’t live without?

  • Trang Do

    Great products!! Love that mask!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  • that mask sounds so lovely! looking forward to more posts like these :)

  • sahara

    I should try the hair mask! I am looking for a good mask since for ever!


  • I’m a big fan of that Neutrogena mask as well. Thanks for sharing!

  • Erica White

    Thank you for the suggestions! I need to go check some of these out :)

  • Mary Kate

    I haven’t tried that neutrogena hair mask, but your Bare Minerals mascara is the one that I use, and I’m obsessed!

    Mary Kate

    • Isn’t it great?! I love that it gives great volume while also looking natural

  • sophie

    Nice set of products.Well I mostly rely on Nivea and Vaselineproducts and I love cocobutter generally.Those are my favorite kinds of products generally but I also rely on other blogs for reviews

  • I keep hearing about the Maybelline foundation. Maybe once my current foundation runs out, I’ll try your recommendation. The only problem I have with drugstore foundation is finding the right color. And since we can’t try it (why, drugstores, why?!) it’s just a horrible guessing game. Sigh.

    • Agreed. They usually carry those brands and Ulta, too, so maybe you’d be able to get it there and return it if the color doesn’t work. I’m not positive, but might be worth looking in to :)

      • Oh, I never thought about Ulta. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Can’t believe that foundation is only $6, I should really try it out!

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  • Liliana Ayala

    Hm, that Neutrogena hair mask sounds great! I have the Matte+Poreless Maybelline foundation, I really like it. It’s not a full coverage, but it’s nice for everyday wear. I can’t do dewy, my skin is already dewy on it’s own. LOL!
    xo, Lily

    • haha I completely understand :) I might need to give the Matte a try next

  • I have to try that Neutrogena hair mask! It sounds like just what my dry hair needs after lots of flat ironing.

  • That Neutrogena hair mask sounds amazing! I always find that I need to put more effort into my hair and skin during the cold winter months!