Beachwear Trends for Spring/Summer 2017

Ever since we found out that we would be moving to Destin, Florida I’ve been embracing the beachwear that is in stores right now. It’s not like I’m a stranger to sun—we have plenty of pool and lake days here in Las Vegas. However I think living a couple of miles from the coastline will be a different lifestyle. I imagine us packing up a beach bag and cooler for the day, then setting up camp on the sand. For this reason I really want to find some cute beach towels, like the round ones that have fun patterns. A big straw bag is also on my shopping list so that I can fit my sunscreen, camera, books, sunglasses and everything else I’ll need into it. I have a decent collection of swimsuits already, but I should probably add more cover-ups to my closet. Since it’s so humid there I won’t want to put on tight shorts after being at the beach. I’ve been eyeing this blush, embroidered sundress and finally took the plunge as I was writing this post. Putting together these roundups is dangerous for my wallet haha but I love that it’s flowy and has a boho vibe. Below you’ll find more of my favorite beachwear items, so just click the product for details!