10 Tricks To Make Your Outfit Look More Expensive

10 Tricks To Make Your Outfit Look More Expensive, Designer Dupes, fashion blog, Treats and Trends, affordable fashion

It’s not necessary to spend a fortune in order to look fashionable—you know I’m all about finding designer dupes and lookalike shoes. Even though everything I’m wearing in this post is under $100 (except the watch, but we’ll get to that in a minute), I think it is a chic, expensive-looking outfit. A lot of it has to do with combining neutral, timeless pieces. Designer-inspired items, like my Chanel purse and cap-toe shoe copycats, also add a classy touch. As long as the knockoffs don’t look too cheap, this is a great way to create the illusion of a high-end outfit. To make this look dressier I could have worn black skinny pants, but I like the juxtaposition of the feminine top half and distressed, casual jeans. Here are some more tricks for making your outfit look more expensive than it really is:

  1. Invest in accessories. Most of the time you’ll find me wearing costume jewelry (I love a good statement necklace!), but I feel like my rose gold Michael Kors watch elevates any outfit. A nice piece of jewelry (diamond studs or dainty everyday necklace) can add a classy touch to even your most casual looks.
  2. Find designer dupes. I LOVE the satisfaction of finding a designer-inspired item for less, like all of these shoes. You don’t need the label or logo to make the item look just as chic. The shoes I’m wearing in this post are from ZARA, but they look really similar to the Chanel cap-toe flat. Here are some more tips for finding designer dupes.
  3. Be careful of the fabric. There’s no way to fake fabric quality. Skip the shiny, cheap-look synthetics and opt for natural fabrics such as cotton and linen. In addition to looking nicer, they should also last longer and won’t pill as easily. This Who What Wear article has some great tips on fabric choices!
  4. Buy classic, timeless pieces. This is my mantra while shopping. Having a selection of quality basics in your closet makes it easy to put together a chic, minimalist look. Plus you save money in the long run if that sweater can be worn for years to come!
  5. Polished hair and makeup elevate your look. Even if you have on a very casual outfit, if your hair and makeup are on point then you’ll feel (and look) like a million buck. Match your outfit with a fresh blowout and clean, natural-looking makeup for an overall polished look.
  6. Layer. Have you ever heard of the third piece rule? It’s a guideline to keep in mind when you want to create a stylish, put-together look. Your pants and top are the first and second pieces, then a vest, cardigan or jacket pulls the look together. It’s an easy way to take your outfit to the next level. 
  7. Use a steamer. When your clothes are wrinkled they look cheap and unpolished. You don’t need a hardcore steamer like you would find in a department store; I love this handheld version. It’s a simple way to make your clothes look top-notch.
  8. Make sure it fits. A tailored fit makes such a big difference! One problem I sometimes encounter with inexpensive clothing is that it’s ill-fitting. Ever see something cute at Forever 21, but then try it on and you can tell it was cheaply made by how awkwardly it fits? Yea, me too. However, these imperfections can sometimes be salvaged by taking it to a tailor.
  9. Avoid embellishments and logos. I think we all remember when the Abercrombie moose, GAP and other store names/logos were plastered all over their clothing, but luckily this style is long gone. Simple, sophisticated pieces look much more expensive than those branded items. Also, when it comes to jeans less is more. A plain pocket with some simple stitching gives off a much classier vibe than busy, bedazzled styles.
  10. Add texture. Mix and match different textures, like suede, leather, velvet, lace, silk, etc. to create a rich look. Maybe not all of these at once (remember, less is more), but try a couple complementary fabrics. Even if these materials are faux, they still make the outfit look more luxe and add some more interest.

What are your tips for making our outfits look more expensive?

10 Tricks To Make Your Outfit Look More Expensive, Designer Dupes, fashion blog, Treats and Trends, affordable fashion 10 Tricks To Make Your Outfit Look More Expensive, Designer Dupes, fashion blog, Treats and Trends, affordable fashion

10 Tricks To Make Your Outfit Look More Expensive, Designer Dupes, fashion blog, Treats and Trends, affordable fashion


Lace Top (old from Target, similar here and here)
Vest (old from Topshop, but similar blazer here) | Jeans
Shoes (old from ZARA, but these are similar) | Purse
Sunglasses, similar for $9.99 | Watch

  • Sepideh

    I think the quality of the pieces you’re wearing are really important, and it doesn’t mean spending a ton of money, but paying a bit more to get better stitching, shape and fabric makes a world of difference!


  • Antonia Genov

    Fit is a big one for me, but all the rest are great tips!

  • Christie Moeller

    Great tips and I cant look at a shade of blush without thinking of you!


  • This outfit is so pretty I love the pastal pink and white combo

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves